Schools Services

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Mainstream Schools                                  

West London Speech and Language Therapy offers a range of services to schools. Please contact us to discuss the most appropriate level of service for you and your school.

Who do we see?

We see any child or young person who has been identified by the school as having a potential speech, language and/or communication need.

How frequently is the SLT at the school?

SLT services can be delivered in whole day or half day packages at a frequency that meets the needs of the school.

How does the SLT work with children?

  • Collaborates with classroom teachers, staff and parents
  • Works with children to address specific speech/communication needs
  • Provides speech and language services within the classroom or allocated space
  • Combines communication goals with academic and/or social goals
  • Integrates speech and language activities with classroom curriculum


What types of activities are available?

Assessment of speech, language and communication skills (initial assessments, review assessments, statutory assessment)
Provision of therapy to children with identified communication needs (individual and group)
Provision of targets, programmes and outcomes
Provision of resources for use in small group and/or whole class teaching
To serve as a resource for teachers, support staff and parents to support children’s communication development
Support for the school to enhance the communication environment
Collaborative working with school staff and parents, NHS staff and other professionals
Input into EHC plans and annual reviews
Face to face liaison and telephone consultations with parents/carers


We offer a range of training packages to parents/carers and professionals.

Tailor-made sessions can be delivered.

Please contact us to discuss the specific requirements of your school.