West London Speech and Language Therapy provides a range of services to meet you and your child’s specific needs. Please call for further information and/or support in selecting the most appropriate service for you and your child.

We often run group sessions in the school holidays - do get in touch for further details. 

Currently clinics run on Monday - Friday.                                      

Initial Consultation and Assessment

This comprehensive evaluation of your child’s speech, language and communication needs comprises of

  • an in-depth consultation with you and your child, gaining case history information and any other relevant details
  • detailed assessment using both formal and informal methods by a Speech and Language Therapist
  • verbal feedback on results of the assessment
  • recommendations


Duration: Up to 2 hours
Fee: £120 - £200
Summary Report: £40
Detailed Report: £80

‘Talk on Track’, Developmental Language Screen

This is a short screening assessment for children aged 0 - 2 years 6 months at our clinic. This short assessment is useful if you wish to determine if your child’s language and communication skills are on track for age.


Duration: 30 minutes
Fee: £65
Report: on request only for an additional fee

Standard Therapy Session

A standard therapy session will be tailored to meet your child’s speech, language and communication needs. Each therapy session will involve a speech and language therapist working with you and your child to maximise his/her skills. After the assessment, the therapist will agree some targets with you and therapy sessions will work towards these targets at a pace that is right for your child. Activities for home focus will be provided as necessary at the end of each session.

Parents/carers are encouraged to attend school-based sessions by arrangement with the school and therapist.


Duration: 45 minutes

£75 at clinic/Tele-therapy (£95 on Saturday)

£95 at home/education setting (W3, W4, W6, W12)

£105 at home/education setting (outside of above areas) 

Review appointment

This is a one-off appointment following a period of therapy to review your child’s progress


Duration: Up to 1 hour
Fee: £100
Report: At an additional cost

Nursery/School Observation Visits

Nursery/School visits are only made with parental agreement. Often visits to education settings are a very useful way of supporting your child’s development. It provides opportunities to observe your child’s skills in that environment as well as information on social interaction and access to the curriculum. Education staff gain from developing an understanding of your child’s needs from the perspective of a speech and language therapist, thus enabling them to maximise communication opportunities in the setting.


Duration: Up to an hour
Fee: £40 per 30m

Attendance at Case Conferences, Multi-Disciplinary Meetings

The speech and language therapist will be able to contribute to case conferences and other meetings relating to your child’s needs in person and/or by providing a report. Advance notice of at least two weeks is required.


Duration: Up to an hour
Fee: £40 per 30min

Home/School Programme

This is a tailored therapy pack including activities and relevant resources designed to develop your child’s communication skills. This pack will be developed in collaboration with your child’s education setting.

The programme is delivered by parent/carer/school staff and your child’s progress will be reviewed at an agreed time.


Duration: Up to an hour
Fees: £50 - £200


Talks, workshops and training sessions for groups of parents and professionals can be arranged. Additional charges at the standard rate will be made for time taken in preparation and the provision of handouts etc.


Fee: £ 100 per hour